Do you?

With idive you never have longer than a arms lenght to you logbook.

  • Logging is just as easy as one two three

    When logging a dive inputs is created with diving conditions in mind. The input flow is created to simplify and shorten the time it takes to create a log. Time-In, Duration / Time-Out, Depth, Mix, Comment, Buddy signature.

  • History at your hand.

    With idive you can allways pick up your phone and use your previous dives for reference. With just a glance you see depth, time, mix and comment and can easily navigate backward of forward through time.

  • Let your buddy sign your dive.

    Ever felt that your digital logbook laked the ability to store you buddy┬┤s signature? With idive you can let your buddy sign your dive with a gesture.

  • Pinpoints your location

    Navigate to a old forgotten dive site is easy! All dives have the GPS position stored and can be retrieved through the zoom and pinchable map.

  • Get social

    Let your buddies know how your last dive went. Just place it on your wall or message them the location.

  • Edit easy

    Some date got wrong during the initial input? No worries all data can be altered later.